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  • adv. In a suffocating manner, or to a degree that suffocates

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  • In a suffocating manner; so as to suffocate.


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suffocating +‎ -ly


  • It was _so_ snug -- just soft enough, but not too soft -- not the kind of suffocatingly soft feather-bed in which you get down into a hole and never get out of it all night.


  • This man seemed happy all the time -- relentlessly, oppressively, suffocatingly, and ultimately, I came to believe, blindly happy.

    Tony Schwartz: Happiness Is Overrated

  • No longer mass in appeal, NBC's sitcoms now tend to lean toward irony first, with self-consciously hip pop-culture riffs defining absurdist characters who can be suffocatingly smart-alecky in tone.

    Matt's TV Week in Review

  • After seeing a good movie—or even a bad one, like Lynne Ramsey's suffocatingly stylized "We Need to Talk About Kevin," which stars Tilda Swinton—I usually have some idea of how it was conceived and made.

    High-Altitude Viewing

  • But he can never make the imaginative leap, and he remains suffocatingly trapped in meticulously organizing his deceptions something like 50 pages are given over to Perlmann's attempt to buy a certain kind of envelope, for reasons too convoluted to explain here.

    Plot-Driven Epistemological Dilemmas

  • "Its look, sound and feeling: the brittle, creepy screenplay by Harold Pinter ' the cameos from U.K. folk icon Davey Graham and Pinter himself; the suffocatingly tasteful hairdos, clothes and décor; the sound design and music; and, in particular, the use of torch singer Cleo Laine 's lugubrious anthem 'All Gone,' a song whose recurrence slides from bachelor-pad seduction to psychological horror show over the course of the film."

    A Whistle Blower And Many Magicians

  • But even when the detective-story foundation begins to crumble and the gumshoe protagonist (Leonardo DiCaprio) becomes racked with visions of concentration camps and bloody children and babbles about Communist subversives and Nazi experiments, Shutter Island is still suffocatingly movieish.

    Shutter Island : Martin Scorsese's Eyes Wide Shut

  • Most geeks rose above a suffocatingly unimaginative educational system, where they were surrounded by obnoxious social values and hostile peers, to build the freest and most inventive culture on the planet: the Internet and World Wide Web.

    2009 Is The Year Of The ‘Geek’… « Giant Killer Squid - Film, Comics, News, Reviews and more

  • The next section begins with a disturbing electronic noise in an agonisingly slow crescendo that seems to press the two men together, until their bodies are suffocatingly interlocked.

    Emanuel Gat Dance – review

  • To the degree that this device contributes to the broader popular perception that ‘literature’ is pretentious, faddish, vague, eventless, effortful, and suffocatingly interior, quotation marks may not be quite as tiny as they appear on the page.

    2008 November 18 « One-Minute Book Reviews


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