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  • n. The replacement of a hydrogen atom of an organic compound with a sulfate (-OSO2OH) functional group, or the replacement of the hydrogen atoms of two molecules to form a sulfate (R-OSO2O-R)


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  • While the automakers can get better start-stop performance by using ultra-premium lead-acid batteries, even premium batteries have problems with a chemical process known as sulfation which is the primary reason lead-acid batteries fail.

  • Axion's hope was that its PbC devices would reduce the amount of lead used in a battery, eliminate sulfation, which is the primary cause of lead-acid battery failure, and bring supercapacitor-like power to the lead-acid world. Home Page

  • For a lead-acid car battery, the failure mechanism is called sulfation, where the discharged material undergoes a phase transformation after which it can’t recharge.

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  • While the carbon components do not change the basic electrochemistry, they increase specific power and reduce a chemical reaction called "sulfation" that occurs during charging cycles and is the principal reason ordinary lead-acid batteries fail. Home Page

  • Remember that sulfation occurs in the discharged state.

    A Brief History of Batteries- Part 2

  • In general for your car lead acid batteries you have to keep them topped off to prevent sulfation.

    Pull the plug. Your battery will thank you.

  • So one could do something complicated like let the battery charge, and then let it discharge a bit, but come back the next day and charge it back up before sulfation kicks in.

    Battery Rules.

  • We will talk more about the sulfation train and glutathione in chapter 10.

    The UltraMind Solution

  • See chapter 10 for more information about the sulfation train specifically.

    The UltraMind Solution

  • Rather than studying drugs that affect the brain to treat autism, the better path may be studying treatments that target inflammation, toxins, allergens, infections, or fixing biochemical train wrecks like problems with methylation and sulfation, and gut problems.

    The UltraMind Solution


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