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  • n. Any of three isomeric sulfonic acids derived from benzoate (or carboxy derivatives of benzenesulfonic acid); the anion of sulfobenzoic acid


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  • (for enzyme system grown on sulfobenzoate [2]) [2] 0.024

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  • (for enzyme system grown on sulfobenzoate [3]) [3] 0.11

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  • [1] S 4-toluenesulfonate + NADH + O2 (the oxygenase component was expressed at high levels, no expression of a specific reductase activity linked to synthesis of the oxygenase could be detected [2]; this strain requires the reductase (TsaB) of toluenesulfonate methyl monooxygenase in the incompletely expressed sulfobenzoate dioxygenase system (PsbAC) [3]) (Reversibility:?

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