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  • v. Present participle of sulfur.
  • n. treatment with sulfur or sulfur compounds


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  • I mean, I thought bronzing things was werid, but sulfuring?

    ¡Bueno, che! « Wanderings

  • Some light sulfuring is done to protect the young wines.

    The World’s Greatest Wine Estates

  • One of the natural by-products of fermentation that is increased by sulfuring is sulfites, sulfur compounds that can induce an allergic reaction in sensitive people.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

  • Generally, some percentage of the vitamins in the food are lost, either in the preparation (blanching, sulfuring), the processing (depending on the kind of dryer used, the amount of light and heat that enter), and the form of storage used.

    Chapter 6

  • When the sulfur has burned completely, close the two openings and begin to time the sulfuring process.

    Chapter 10

  • Time the sulfuring after the sulfur has burned and the vents are blocked.

    Chapter 6

  • You may want to discuss this with the students before sulfuring or while they construct the box.

    Chapter 6

  • Time the sulfuring after the sulfur has burned and the air vents have been closed off.

    Chapter 6

  • After the sulfuring, remove the trays of food, taking care to avoid the sulfur dioxide fumes.

    Chapter 6

  • When the sulfuring is finished, generally after 30 minutes for small slices and 60 minutes for larger pieces, unload the sulfur box by opening it away from you and on the leeward side if it is a windy day.

    Chapter 6


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