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  • adj. comparative form of sulky: more sulky


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  • Scene 6: I become a sulky adolescent and have an even sulkier burgeoning sexuality.

    What if No One's Watching?: December 2007 Archives

  • One of our cats occasionally suffers from eosinophilic granuloma, which manifests itself in a very swollen lip making him look sulkier than usual.

    Poor Ferris

  • Starlight and two or three for Moran, who looked savage and sulkier than ever.

    Robbery Under Arms

  • And Mrs. Beetling, growing steadily sulkier and more aggrieved, was now forced to stand and listen to a fierce tirade on the horrors of a foul mouth and foul breath, on the harm done to the digestive system, the ills awaiting her in later life.

    Ultima Thule

  • And he half knew that it wasn't a success and then became sulkier and more awkward than ever.

    The Horse And His Boy

  • And the more they talked to one another the sulkier and more suspicious they became.

    Prince Caspian

  • Never was a fĂȘte given by a sulkier host than King Otho that day proved to be.

    Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine - Volume 55, No. 344, June, 1844

  • Everything _inside_ the house limp, languid, and lugubrious; the fires are sulky and won't burn; the maids are sulkier still.

    Nearly Lost but Dearly Won

  • There was not a sulkier girl or boy in the country, but their fathers made up their minds to make a young lord and a young lady of them; so they took the silk clothes which Woodwender and Loveleaves used to wear, to dress them, putting on the lords 'children their coarse clothes.

    Granny's Wonderful Chair

  • When she saw her father and Mr. Frye in the corner, she grew sulkier than ever.



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