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  • adj. superlative form of sulky: most sulky.


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  • Old Monte Faccio, brightest of hills in good weather, but sulkiest when storms are coming on, is here, upon the left.

    Pictures from Italy

  • He had been forced to make an appointment with a man to whom he owed money; the latter had not yet appeared, and Schilsky lounged and swore, with his two hands deep in his pockets, and his sulkiest expression.

    Maurice Guest

  • Monday, the stuttering cow-minder, and Hacklis, the sulkiest-looking man on the place, came up and, with the brightest smiles and cheeriest manner, began to ask me so earnestly how I was, that I felt as if I were not honest if I did not mention that I had a slight headache.

    Letters from Port Royal Written at the Time of the Civil War (1862-1868)

  • And I have no doubt that little Diega, the sulkiest and prettiest of the Visayan beauties, in a few years will be gambling at the cock-fights, smoking cigars, and losing her money every Sunday afternoon at Mariana's _monte_ game.

    The Great White Tribe in Filipinia

  • A stopped clock has the sulkiest face in the world.

    The Extra Day

  • 'The sulkiest bitch that ever trod!' muttered her brother.

    England, My England

  • Camas as a town was neither interesting nor important; but when one has spent three long weeks communing with nature in her sulkiest and most unamiable mood, even a town without a railroad to its name may serve to relieve the monotony of living.

    Rowdy of the Cross L

  • "Have a care of the poor brute, friend!" he cried genially to Diccon, whose looks were of the sulkiest.

    To Have and to Hold

  • He spoke in his sulkiest tone, and his face wore a look of defeat, thinly masked by an air of defiance; it was not the defiance of a man who is losing, but of one who has already lost.

    The Unbearable Bassington

  • A delicious salty air, like the breath of perpetual spring, blew in, tingling the skin of the sulkiest adventurer with delight in this virgin world.

    Heroes of the Middle West The French


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