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  • n. one who summons or evokes

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. One who summons; one who cites by authority; specifically, a petty officer formerly employed to summon persons to appear in court; an apparitor.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. One who summons, or cites by authority; especially, one employed to warn persons to appear in court; also, formerly, an apparitor.
  • n. In early English law, a public prosecutor or complainant.


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  • Identifying with the summoner is a deft way for Sting to get some distance from his do-gooder image while sustaining the resonance of his larger social concerns.

    Ten Summoner's Tales

  • Summoners were greatly feared and highly susceptible to bribes - greasing the summoner was a most effective way to avoid trouble.

    Ten Summoner's Tales

  • The summoner was a stout and jovial elderly gentleman, about whose somewhat commonplace British exterior there was, to Philip's mind, a reflection of the nimbus which glorified Patty to his mind, for he was Patty's father.

    Young Mr. Barter's Repentance From "Schwartz" by David Christie Murray

  • A summoner was a person who went to summon or call people to appear before the Church courts when they had done wrong.

    English Literature for Boys and Girls

  • Is it because Kinzo is such a great 'summoner' that he can do this?

    Anime Nano!

  • And even though your character will have to start from scratch in each new match, you'll also have a chat avatar tied to your online account known as a "summoner," and you can deck out your summoner with a cool floppy hat or shiny magic lantern as you win more matches and unlock more privileges for that character, so any time you're in between-game chat or about to jump into a match, all other players can take a glance at your incredible floppy-hat-wearing avatar and tremble.

    GameSpot's News, Screenshots, Movies, Reviews, Previews, Downloads, and Features

  • One of them is chimera and the other is a golem summoner.

    Arcana Magi Memorial Vol.2 - c.3

  • The summoner wanted to call forth a creature from the Abyss so dangerous and immune to the glamour and spells carried by mice that it could kill its opponents without fail.

    Mice. Do not like!

  • And besides this, and normal spells – the summoner gets Summon Monster (whatever the highest level you can cast) 3+CHA times a day!

    New Paizo Class Playtests Continue « Geek Related

  • The druid has a type of animal companion, the summoner has a better pet that gets more HD faster.

    New Paizo Class Playtests Continue « Geek Related


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