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  • noun A small poisoned dart or arrow, thrown by means of a sumpitan.


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  • But to make its effect deadly at this distance, something more than the mere pricking of the tiny "sumpit" was needed.

    The Castaways

  • In the late afternoon, you can either relax natives use the "sumpit" (blowpipe) to hunt in the jungle.

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  • Their weapons are the bow and arrow and the blowgun or sumpitan, here called "sumpit."

    Negritos of Zambales

  • Sometimes the shaft of the spear is a _sumpit_ or blow-pipe.

    Children of Borneo

  • The dart used with the _sumpit_ is usually made of a thin splinter of the _nibong_ palm, stuck into a round piece of very light wood, so as to afford a surface for the breath to act upon.

    Children of Borneo

  • This fish, which is remarkable neither in size nor color, seldom being larger than our domestic goldfish, is known to the natives as _ikan sumpit_ (literally "fish with a sumpitan") and to science as _Toxodes jaculator_.

    Where the Strange Trails Go Down Sulu, Borneo, Celebes, Bali, Java, Sumatra, Straits Settlements, Malay States, Siam, Cambodia, Annam, Cochin-China

  • In the obscurity that shrouded the gorilla's roost, nothing at all was seen, and nothing heard; for the sumpit is as silent on its message as the wing of an owl when beating through the twilight.

    The Castaways

  • The inner end of the sumpit, or arrow, is run through a piece of pith fitting exactly to the tube, so that there is little friction as they are blown out of the tube by the mouth.

    Mark Seaworth


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