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  • n. Plural form of sumpter.


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  • Also all the trappings of the knights were packed upon the sumpters.

    The Nibelungenlied

  • Ere the noble Rudeger rode from the city of Vienna to Bechelaren, all their clothes were placed upon the sumpters.

    The Nibelungenlied

  • Many laden sumpters were sent before them across the Rhine, the which bare for the hunting fellowship bread and wine, meat and fish, and great store of other things, which so mighty a king might rightly have.

    The Nibelungenlied

  • High-mettled warriors, both knight and squire, betook them to the lords (as was but right), and received into the land of their lords these guests and took from their hands the black sumpters which bore the shields.

    The Nibelungenlied

  • The heroes bade lade their sumpters with weapons and with harness.

    The Nibelungenlied

  • Their steeds were now ready, the sumpters laden well.

    The Nibelungenlied

  • Then they bade place the weapons on sumpters for the Rhine.

    The Nibelungenlied

  • His costly hunting garb and those of his fellowship were already bound upon the sumpters, for they would cross the Rhine.

    The Nibelungenlied

  • Candide and Cacambo were placed on this machine, and they took with them two large red sheep, bridled and saddled, to ride upon, when they got on the other side of the mountains; twenty others to serve as sumpters for carrying provisions; thirty laden with presents of whatever was most curious in the country, and fifty with gold, diamonds, and other precious stones.


  • It was all tropical, as I had half expected: plantains, oranges, mangoes, and bananas brought overland to the upper river by trains of sumpters and shipped south.

    The Urth of the New Sun


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