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  • n. Plural form of sunshower.


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  • I've need of the mia's video sunshowers but I do not succeed to download it! where i can do it!? sorry for my bad bad english!!! bye!

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  • He'll get to experience sunshowers and then it'll be summer, glorious summer.

    Ask MetaFilter

  • If you live in a place without sunshine, take cod liver oil, find a place that offers sunshowers (natural tanning beds), and if it is sunny go outside as much as you possibly can no matter how cold it is.

    Signs of the Times

  • i really want her to break it big in the US -- i know she has novelty appeal. but it looks like she already tried to crack the us (i got sunshowers from itunes) but props to m. i.a/maya. this is fresh, innovative, and fuuuunkay.

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  • i also recommend sunshowers. it's a great song with some awesome lyrics, ex: "cant stereotype my thing, yo, i salt and pepper my mango" or "he's got colgate on his teeth and reebok classics on his feet" this is just so great.

    What everyone's talking about: (Music (For Robots))

  • It was in the afternoon, just after one of those tropical sunshowers that decorate every branch and blade with pendant brilliants, and the little patena was covered with game, either driven to the open space by the drippings from the leaves or tempted by the freshness of the pasture: there were several pairs of elk, the bearded antlered male contrasting finely with his mate; and other varieties of game in a profusion not to be found in any place frequented by man.

    Sketches of the Natural History of Ceylon

  • "As I was saying," she resumed, after a moment, "Lady Deppingham has lured me from sunshowers into the tempest.

    The Man from Brodney's


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