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  • n. Plural form of supercluster.


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  • After that, groups of galaxies form clusters, the largest of which are called superclusters, one of which is the brain-bendingly big "Great Wall", discovered in 1989, which is around around 500 million light years long by 300 million light years wide. news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph

  • Sources close to Cox say he is also worried that China and other potentially unfriendly nations will use supercomputers or "superclusters" of high-end computers to do "virtual" nuclear testing.

    The Next China Battle

  • Here, for the first time in a single span, is the life of the universe, from quarks to galaxy superclusters and from slime to Homo sapiens.

    You Are Here: Summary and book reviews of You Are Here by Christopher Potter.

  • He sailed across the almost limitless depths of the solar system, the galaxy, the galactic clusters and superclusters to the edge of everything while still forever contemplating a small insect paused on the edge of a flower outside his window.

    Falling Behind | Heretical Ideas Magazine

  • Observers painstakingly mapped superclusters, galaxy by galaxy and redshift by redshift, until the superclusters reached the edges of the maps.

    A Grand and Bold Thing

  • And everywhere in the universe other clusters, lining up along the ancient pattern in the matter, are pulling together into superclusters, binding their galaxies to one another by mutual gravity.

    A Grand and Bold Thing

  • Maybe it formed from the bottom up: galaxies formed first and then collected into clusters, which collected into superclusters.

    A Grand and Bold Thing

  • The hierarchy of galaxies, clusters, and superclusters went no higher.

    A Grand and Bold Thing

  • The Sloan and 2dF maps showed superclusters, not isolated in clumps but parts of a universal network, filaments of lights that are denser or thinner and sprawl over sheets that fold themselves around dark voids.

    A Grand and Bold Thing

  • The Virgo Supercluster is one of an uncounted, uncountable number of superclusters that in turn form what looks like an elaborate, fractal foam of galaxies arching like the skins of bubbles around immense voids.

    A Grand and Bold Thing


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