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  • noun A commentary on a commentary.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

super- + commentary


  • This might have happened in the anonymous Hebrew supercommentary on Averroes '“middle commentary” on the Nicomachean Ethics, probably written in Spain (not in Provence, as suggested by Berman) around 1440 (Zonta 2006c, 17-18), as well as in the works written by a 15th-century Italian author: Judah Messer Leon (1425-1498 circa), whose bulk commentary on books one, two and three of Aristotle's Physics was explicitely based upon Averroes' “middle” and

    Influence of Arabic and Islamic Philosophy on Judaic Thought

  • The principle vehicle for this trend of thought was the supercommentary to Ibn Ezra, which number a few dozen.

    Abraham Ibn Ezra

  • Ibn Kaspi's supercommentary on Ibn Ezra, different from his commentary -- nothing on Zos



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