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  • n. Alternative spelling of superfetation.


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  • The babies are an extremely rare case of "superfoetation" when a woman conceives for a second time while already pregnant.

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  • The thoughtful youth laments the superfoetation of nature.

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  • Unlike that animal, the mare after once conceiving cannot be rendered pregnant again, but brings forth one foal only, at least as a general rule; in the human species cases of superfoetation are rare, but they do happen now and then.

    The History of Animals

  • An embryo conceived some considerable time after a previous conception does not come to perfection, but gives rise to pain and causes the destruction of the earlier embryo; and, by the way, a case has been known to occur where owing to this destructive influence no less than twelve embryos conceived by superfoetation have been discharged.

    The History of Animals

  • Cartilaginous fishes are capable of superfoetation, and their period of gestation is six months at the longest.

    The History of Animals

  • Of all animals the woman and the mare are most inclined to receive the commerce of the male during pregnancy; while all other animals when they are pregnant avoid the male, save those in which the phenomenon of superfoetation occurs, such as the hare.

    The History of Animals

  • Some of those animals in which superfoetation occurs can bring the embryos to birth even if a long time elapses between the two impregnations, if their kind is spermatic, if their body is not of

    On the Generation of Animals

  • It has been now stated why superfoetation is not found in some animals at all, why it is found in others which sometimes bring the later embryos to birth and sometimes not, and why some such animals are inclined to sexual intercourse while others are not.

    On the Generation of Animals

  • For superfoetation occurs in these animals, since they are not large and they bear many young (for they have many toes and the many-toed animals bear many), and they are spermatic.

    On the Generation of Animals

  • But when the embryo has already grown to some size and it so happens that copulation occurs again, superfoetation sometimes takes place, but rarely, since the uterus generally closes in women during the period of gestation.

    On the Generation of Animals


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