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  • n. A group of closely linked genes occupying a large chromosomal segment and frequently functioning as a genetic unit.

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  • n. A group of neighbouring genes on a chromosome that are inherited together because of close genetic linkage and are functionally related in an evolutionary sense.
  • adj. leached and then deposited by descending waters


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super- +‎ gene


  • "We were blown away by what we found," said Mathieu Joron of France's National Museum of Natural History, who led the probe into what is being called a "supergene". | Top Stories

  • There was also talk of a "supergene" with copper deposits of up to 50 per cent -- who could tell? | Top Stories

  • Mechanisms that concentrate chemical elements operate most effectively on and near the earth's surface: weathering, erosion, sorting during transport, groundwater leaching, and supergene enrichment are effective only in the upper few hundred meters of the continents.

    Limits to Exploitation of Nonrenewable Resources (historical)

  • Breeding crop plants resistant to such plagues would be much quicker, and cheaper, once the apomictic supergene has been identified.

    Day of the Dandelion

  • If Scott had found the supergene for apomixis, and if he planned to patent it himself, he would need the seeds to file a patent.

    Day of the Dandelion

  • Well, Minister, they call it the race to find a supergene that controls asexual reproduction in plants, known as apomixis.

    Day of the Dandelion

  • There is a furious international scientific race with plant breeders from America, Britain, Russia, Australia, India—and probably China—all trying to identify this supergene so they can patent it.

    Day of the Dandelion

  • New research on a supergene linking brain power and a long, healthy life.

    CNN Transcript Dec 26, 2006

  • Starting from three different directions, your long journey has led you, after many adventures, to the same supergene area, the major histocompatibility complex, and through it to this happy event tonight.

    The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1980 - Presentation Speech

  • The development of this field from an outlandish rejection reaction in inbred mice to the mighty supergene system of today that all immunologists, cancer research workers and many virologists and developmental biologists meet in their daily work is one of the most exciting chapters in the enormous building of modern biology.

    The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1980 - Presentation Speech


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