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  • adj. Extremely hot (often in a figurative sense)


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

super- +‎ hot


  • And of course single mothers are kind of superhot!


  • Calling the latter "superhot", Mayer went on to suggest she's "white-girl crazy," adding,

    Starpulse Entertainment News

  • It had this superhot island chick playing drums and keyboard.

    Happy Monkey Holocaust

  • The tubes function as heat exchangers, akin to an automobile's radiator, taking superhot pressurized water from the reactors to 640-ton steam generators that produce electricity.

    Worn Pipes Shut California Reactors

  • BOOK: Boy and girl were childhood friends; now she returns superhot and with a bad reputation, and he, down with God and his preacher Dad, wonders if he ought to be saving her.

    In Conclusion, I Hate You All

  • More than a third of the loans were on homes in California, then a superhot market, now a frigid one.

    Janet Tavakoli: Blame the Victims and Enrich the Perpetrators

  • TV Guide Magazine: Vampires are superhot these days.

    Martha Stewart Previews Her Halloween Special

  • If it turns out that your good guy is superhot, popular, and exceedingly kind, rejoice.

    The Lo-Down

  • Volcanoes spit out molten rock, water, and gases from deep in the Earth and, in the superhot cauldron of its mouth, chemical reactions can occur that would lead to formation of those otherwise absent amino acids, as well as transform some molecules into forms more conducive to biology.

    First Contact

  • That finding faced the same hurdles as the finding of magnetites did: no confirmation of liquid water on or near the surface of Mars and the contention that the carbonates were formed in a superhot environment, where no life could possibly exist.

    First Contact


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