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  • n. An ion, consisting of a large cluster of atoms, in which the charge is spread over many atoms


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  • Yeah, they just reassigned them to new packaging due to combining being such a big gimmick in ROTF. cant say i really like some of the colors on superion: \

    Transformers News - All News

  • i want the following autobots in the movie to even things out superion- hes like devastator but with autobot jet planes defensor- same as devastator but in with autobots and of course grimlock and ultra magnus

    Devastator Concept Art Hits the Net! | The Movie Blog

  • more action away from earth soundwave must transform into robot mode megatron becomes galvatron no more revivals because no more shard of allspark and no more sun harvester superion and trailbreaker must be in it more plane battles in the sky like in the first movie show us a good 30 minutes of footage on cybertron way more screentime for sideswipe badass

    Movie Review: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen | /Film


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