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  • n. According to Sri Aurobindo, the infinite unitary truth-consciousness or truth-idea simultaneously transcendent and immanent to planes of matter, life, and mind.


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super- +‎ mind


  • Luckily for Alan a Llarnian disembodied supermind from a planet in the Canopus system decides to hyperspace him the hell out of there at that time.

    Archive 2007-04-01

  • Aurobindo Ghosh explained the different types of human minds: Between the upper and lower hemispheres there was a link plane, the 'supermind'.


  • As a fellow cog in the global public supermind, you are bombarded constantly and from every direction with the progressive theory of government, with which all humans who are not ignorant, evil or both must agree by definition, and which makes about as much sense as the Holy Trinity.

    The best way to understand government « Isegoria

  • One model has us losing our individuality in favor of an Internet-facilitated worldwide supermind, something I've mentioned in other posts.

    Arthur Rosenfeld: Fmail or Fountain Pen? The Imperative to Unplug and Slow Down

  • Once the CIs were merged into a supermind, they operated with blinding speed and power.

    Jason Stoddard, Strange and Happy » 2010 » June

  • As he develops the supermind, QM observer, he tells us of the three scientific choices to answer the question why is the universe fit for life?

    A Third Choice (ID Hypothesis)

  • The difference between mind and supermind, as Sri Aurobindo tells us, is that one is based upon division and the other is based upon unity: mind knows through difference, supermind knows through oneness.

    An Exploration into an Integral Approach to Knowledge

  • It will create a parliament -- a merged group-mind borganism that speaks as one supermind built from the beliefs of the victors.

    Asimov's Science Fiction

  • No next stage of evolution, no melting pot of a supermind?

    A Call to Arms

  • I looked sharply at her and realized that I had replaced McGuire as the supermind in her life.

    A Spaceship Named McGuire


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