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  • n. Plural form of superorganism.


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  • From the invisible strands of fungi waiting to sprout between our toes, to the kilogram of bacterial matter in our guts, we are best viewed as walking "superorganisms," highly complex conglomerations of human cells, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

    People Are Human-Bacteria Hybrid

  • The results suggest that these colonies act like "superorganisms," at least in terms of their basic physiology. species, including ants and bees, work together in colonies, and their cooperative behavior determines the survival of the entire group.

  • Study suggests theory for insect colonies as 'superorganisms'

    Science Blog

  • Only 2 percent of all insect species have made the leap to being aware superorganisms, with ants and bees being the most visible examples.

    World Wide Mind

  • Because of these many parallels between multicellular organisms and multicreature societies, from the division of labor to cancer, ant nests and beehives are known as “superorganisms.”


  • It is at this stage that insect societies made the transition to superorganisms.


  • The answer to this riddle lies in understanding how cooperation led to the emergence of superorganisms.


  • Cooperation built the first bacterial cells, then higher cells, then complex multicellular life and insect superorganisms.


  • He clearly disagrees with Dickemann that human societies can't be deemed superorganisms.

    James Warren: This Week in Magazines: If The Economy is Driving You to Drink...

  • All of this he says disqualifies human societies from being viewed as superorganisms.

    Are We Becoming a Superorganism?


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