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  • adj. Above or beyond the rational.


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super- +‎ rational


  • They were mental processes, but love was beyond reason; it was superrational.

    Chapter 23

  • Eudemian Ethics luck is viewed as a superrational impulse and in the Magna moralia as a natural, but praeter-rational impulse in the province of psychology.


  • But he insists that the humanist, in his ordinary definition of experience, ignores or denies these superrational values.

    Preaching and Paganism

  • The religious man is superrational and nobly imaginative as he emphasizes the _difference_ between man and nature.

    Preaching and Paganism

  • It is just because we do believe that the discovery, the expression and the rewards of religion lie chiefly in the superrational and poetic realms that therefore we want this intellectual content to accompany it, not supersede it, as a balancing influence, a steadying force.

    Preaching and Paganism

  • For humanism makes an inhuman demand upon the will; it minimizes the force of the subrational and it largely ignores the superrational elements in human experience; it does not answer enough questions.

    Preaching and Paganism

  • Looking thus at life, shorn of its superrational sanctions, Saxon floundered into the morass of pessimism.

    Chapter 15

  • His brain is filled with superrational sanctions and obsessions.

    Chapter XXXVI

  • But apart from these reasons, she knew by a superrational instinct that Lionel Belmont was her father; it was not the call of blood, but the positiveness of a woman asserting that a thing is so because she is sure it is so.

    Tales of the Five Towns

  • I shall not please those hypercritics who subject the sacred writings to an arbitrary subtilty, at once superrational and sophistical; nor those, on the other hand, who believe that here all criticism -- or at least all criticism on internal grounds -- cometh of evil.

    The Life of Jesus Christ in Its Historical Connexion and Historical Developement.


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