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  • n. The status or position of a superstar.


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  • Their superstardom is a very bad development, even though there is no reason to believe either is ever going to be elected to a position where they could do serious damage.

    Elections - fresh news by

  • As I have stated before, the hardcore SRK fans will not admit that, at present the superstardom is a shared mantle.


  • If it's a goal such as superstardom and the stereotypical rock or pop fantasy, then their American Idolic dreams might be best realized with a major label whose promotional machine could achieve this.

    The Business of Music II - A Look at the Artist-as-Entrepreneur

  • You know, this kind of superstardom is a vortex that literally consumes anybody who gets within that circle and changes everybody ` s life.

    CNN Transcript Feb 9, 2008

  • Tyson Chandler (.246 WP48 in his last healthy season), or Lamar Odom (.249 WP48), all players that are associated with this team and verge on "superstardom".

    The Wages of Wins Journal

  • In it, and in follow-up interviews, Guha takes on what he considers to be the somewhat unwarranted claims of some sectors of Indian public opinion to Indian "superstardom," pointing out that in India "there are lots of disparities, conflicts, tensions within Indian society, institutional breakdowns to address before we start claiming the world prematurely."

    The Hindu - Front Page

  • West Edmonton Mall earlier this month, is as well-known for its push-up bras as the slim, yet curvy, models it has employed to wear them - many of whose careers soared into the kind of superstardom that necessitates a single name, such as "Heidi," "Gisele," and "Tyra."

    Toronto Sun

  • Submitted as a comment by BU family member Wayne from London Rihanna's catapulted rise to 'superstardom' has been kaleidoscopic.

    Barbados Underground

  • When they're not-so-silently "plotting worldwide domination via very, very loud music" with Sea Wong (the owner of their unofficial headquarters, the charming Roost Juice Bar + The Girl Next Door), KBnL silently dream of the kind of superstardom whereby the decks are shared with their "superstar friends" like Justice and Soulwax.

    Junk - Latest Happenings

  • These two in particular have assumed some kind of superstardom within the hallowed circles of London's critocracy and some of their work has indeed been top drawer but not the things they're widely praised for; Queer As Folk and Shameless.

    Word Magazine - Comments


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