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  • n. A layer or stratum adjacent and parallel to another.
  • n. The sudden increase in the electrical conductivity of some metals as their temperature falls to near absolute zero.
  • n. The covering on the sunny side of a photovoltaic (PV) module, providing protection for the PV materials from impact and environmental degradation while allowing maximum transmission of the appropiate wavelengths of the solar spectrum.
  • n. Alternative form of superstratum.
  • v. To arrange in parallel layers or strata.

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  • n. the language of a later invading people that is imposed on an indigenous population and contributes features to their language
  • n. any stratum or layer superimposed on another


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  • This may or may not be tied into debate about the genesis of pidgins, with one school of thought claiming there was a single source (monogenesis) and one arguing that pidgins arose separately (polygenesis) (a second battle is over substrate, superstrate, or bio-program, a glossary to figure out the terminology is here) ANYONE FOR SALISHAN?


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