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  • n. Plural form of superstring.


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  • In 1976, Scherk and others showed how to incorporate supersymmetry into string theory, finally creating the theory called superstrings.

    Euclid’s Window

  • In your new book you also talk about superstrings and branes, what exactly is the difference?

    A Conversation with Brian Greene

  • However, it is important to note that, while we can achieve these incredible feats of technology, we still do not know for sure whether gravity is a physical force, the bending of space-time, or a property of superstrings that actually creates mass rather than the other way around; and there are additional credible theories about gravity still in contention.

    The Sacred Promise

  • Theoretical physicists have followed the mathematics past quantum field theories to as-yet untested theories of supersymmetry and superstrings.

    Making Sense of It All

  • Bell's theorem, that you refer to, was produced by a man who realized that it was Einstein who proposed a scientific definition of reality and who suggested a possible way to test it (albeit one that, like superstrings or m-theory does not yet seem amenable to testing.)

    Bukiet on Brooklyn Books

  • Witten bought a present all tied up with superstrings.

    2009 May « Items of Interest

  • His writing is informed by everything from Welsh folklore to superstrings.

    Why I'm going to the Discworld convention

  • Like superstrings, foam, fractals. whatever - there is an organizing principle.

    Exciting art plans

  • Elegant Universe, on PBS, taking audiences on a thrilling journey through hidden dimensions, superstrings and black holes in a quest to unify the laws of nature.

    Brian Greene biography

  • I have been working with braid systems of fermions, which I think underly superstrings, and D-branes in this picture are analogous to Fermi surfaces in solid state physics.

    Physicists Tie Beam of Light into Knots | Universe Today


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