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  • n. A written record or translation of the dialogue or lyrics of an opera or a choral work, for example, shown on a screen above the performers. Also called surtitle.

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  • n. A surtitle
  • v. To surtitle.

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  • n. translation of the words of a foreign opera (or choral work) projected on a screen above the stage


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  • In "Götterdämmerung," the Norns are inside a computer; the supertitle translation has them "laying cable" rather than weaving the ropes of fate.

    Ring Around the Obvious

  • The supertitle translation by John Willett, created for 1976's New York Public Theater production, pulls no punches: Macheath and the prostitute Jenny's "Pimp's Ballad," for example, describes various sexual positions.

    Waging Underclass Warfare

  • The Marsellaise to begin the concert really got things started properly, and upon hearing the words (seeing them actually in supertitle format) really brought about a new mantra for the Obama administration - W could have learned much, yet alas ...

    Le Prophete

  • Multiple languages blurt out in all directions with the occasional supertitle thrown in, but clearly this is poetry and the characters are no more talking to one another than they are to the audience.

    What if I were Romeo in black jeans?

  • The supertitle translations by Chris Bergen were similarly attention-getting: It's unlikely that these 18th-century characters would say "I'll plotz from laughing" or "I'm virtually bi-polar."

    Rarely Performed Well or at All

  • Purists roll their eyes at the miked singing, the partially synthesized strings and such liberties as the supertitle in which a character complains, "I'm freezing my ass off."

    Baz Is Broadway Bound

  • To give Gockley credit, the new mini-supertitle screens in the back of the Orchestra section have made those seats with their muffled sound from the overhang quite a treat, since you can finally read the supertitles again.

    Archive 2006-09-01

  • The music is extraordinary and rich, though complex as hell, and the further one got away from the silly dance stuff and bad super acting and weird supertitle text, the more impressive the staging sometimes became.

    Archive 2005-10-01

  • But, as Bernard Holland points out in The Times, the supertitle distraction with Mr. Sondheim proves fatal.

    If You're a People Person, You'll Love Sweeney's Meat Pies

  • But, to my surprise, the first thing I noticed was the prominent supertitle screen framing the stage itself.

    If You're a People Person, You'll Love Sweeney's Meat Pies


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