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  • n. The data type represented by a superclass.
  • v. To categorize as a supertype.


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  • To address this, the third clause is changed to is a subtype/supertype of one of the types in the declaration of the catch parameter

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  • (Topic Map Data Model) speci fi cation only lists basic relations like supertype-subtype which are not fl exible enough (for our purposes) • in particular, the faceted classi fi cation system comes in handy

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  • Changing the supertype and the list of implemented interfaces is fully supported by Javeleon, thus unlimited runtime class redefintions have finally come to Java.

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  • Justification Public inheritance should implement the subtype relationship, in which the subtype or derived type is a specialisation of the supertype or base type.

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  • Hence the behaviour of the sub type as determined by its member functions and (the object state) by its member variables should be entirely applicable to the supertype.

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  • But it's not just opinions on what's wrong with frameworks, included is a lesson how to isolate your app from the framework using design patterns and techniques like the layer supertype, facade and DI.

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  • There's no question in my mind that incident and problem share at least one common supertype.

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  • Larsen MV, Gustafsson R, Norström MM, Atlas A, et al. (2008) Broadly immunogenic HLA class I supertype-restricted elite CTL epitopes recognized in a diverse population infected with different HIV-1 subtypes.

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  • a supertype of all possible types for the purposes of covariant return type conversions from method groups to delegate types?

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