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  • v. Present participle of supplicate.


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  • And so, in this great extremity, the only duty which pressed upon her was the idea of supplicating the saints to take charge of her unhappy affairs.

    Remember the Alamo

  • The fact that many of these organizations 'action items failed to include basic duties such as supplicating to Allah for our oppressed brethren is a side issue - but it shows the extent to which Muslims have bought into the' work with the system 'mentality.

  • It was true that one, a little German, had gone broke and was himself forlornly back-tripping the last pack of the portage; but the other two had boats nearly completed and were daily supplicating the god of merchants and traders to stay the iron hand of winter for just another day.


  • Willard Russell's wife, Charlotte, is dying of cancer, so he and his son, Arvin, embark on a frantic regimen of supplicating God for her well-being at a backyard "prayer log."

    The Comic-Grotesque Goes North

  • She upreared on her own knees in an agony of terror, clasping his knees and supplicating him to desist.


  • Tony lost interest in the horses to begin chasing the smaller, four-footed prey, his clutching hand outstretched in a supplicating gesture.

    Western Man

  • CONAN: And we don't think much of the practice of supplicating demons, but you write that the Ebers Papyrus explains magic is effective together with medicine.

    'Pain Chronicles': Understanding Pain As A Disease

  • Basically it was a hearing chaired by General Petraeus and attended by politicians supplicating him to offer any response he might care to, preferably blessing the "questioner" with either praise or agreement.

    Winslow T. Wheeler: General Petraeus and His Senate Vassals

  •   I could feel the hairs on my arm prickle up, I looked around and saw all the leaves on the trees turning their tender light green sides up to the heavens like a supplicating petition of mercy.

    Clio arrives

  • In Jill McCorkle's hands, please and thank you take on a rawness of desire and regret, a menace, and, finally, a supplicating hope in the face of all that denies it.

    'Magic Words' By Jill McCorkle: Narrative Magazine's Friday Feature


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