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  • n. The characteristics of a non-consumable product that allow it to continue being useful at low cost.


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support +‎ -ability


  • "The delivery of our 150th Firefinder shelter represents a key milestone in the Army's effort to improve the operational performance, reliability and long-term supportability of the AN/TPQ-36 Firefinder system," said Pat Newby, vice president of Weapons and Sensors for Northrop Grumman's Land

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  • The ongoing initiative by the Air Combat Command, which is scheduled to be complete in July, is aimed at improving the F-15E's avionics and "supportability", says Mark Bass,


  • Last, but not least, we are investing heavily in analyzing various troubleshooting and what we call "supportability" scenarios.

    TechNet Blogs

  • Orion is too large and too massive to meet requirements for affordability and supportability.

    Buzz Aldrin's Advice to Norm Augustine - NASA Watch

  • The effects of a new ice age on agriculture and the supportability of large human populations scarcely need elaboration here.

    Obama's Current Science Advisor Warned in the 1970's of a New Ice Age ... Is Open to Shooting Soot Into Upper Atmosphere

  • Training, spares and supportability will be much cheaper should they choose the same aircraft, and they probably will.

    Fixed-wing SAR replacement: C-27J vs. C-295 and US

  • Ampersand, as a rape survivor, what do you think this vehement support for the accuser will do to the credibility and supportability of future rape victims if this woman, who is very strongly supported was found to be lying about the entire episode?

    Mary Doe Had Sex With Her Boyfriend. So What?

  • So for the next month, until at least the late-May/early-June time frame, there really aren't issues on sustainability or supportability of the International Space Station.

    CNN Transcript Feb 3, 2003

  • I request that you develop a strategy as part of initial planning efforts to identify upgrades and supportability investment that may be required to maintain the Space Shuttle fleet capability to fly safely through 2020.

    NASA Watch: Shuttle News 1997-2003: December 2002 Archives

  • Issues involving levels of investment for Shuttle safety and supportability upgrades, Shuttle privatization, and the credibility of the SLI program will define how this country proceeds in improving its national launch capability.

    NASA Watch: Shuttle News 1997-2003: December 2002 Archives


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