suprathreshold love


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  • adj. That is sufficiently strong (greater than a threshold strength) to generate a response


From supra- +‎ threshold (Wiktionary)


  • "suprathreshold" stimulation is called the test stimulus (TS), and can be preceded by a certain interval with another pulse, which is either also suprathreshold or subthreshold, and delivered either to the same site or to another site.

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  • Further, there is some evidence, particularly with unilateral ECT, that stimuli marginally above the seizure threshold are less therapeutic than those delivered at higher intensity but that grossly suprathreshold stimuli lead to more cognitive impairment without an equivalent increase in therapeutic effect.

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  • Representative traces of single action potential (B, left panel) and repetitive action potential firing (B, right panel) acquired from the cell in current clamp mode by 2 ms and 200 ms-long suprathreshold current injection (B, left and right lower panels, respectively).

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  • The present findings suggest that temporal representation of echoic memory is non-linear and Weber-Fechner law holds for the automatic cortical response to sound changes within a suprathreshold range.

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  • The neuronal responses to stimuli presented at suprathreshold contrasts are attenuated by inhibitory connections in the

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  • This can be contrasted with the reduction in MEP observed during a resting state task with either sub or suprathreshold CS.

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  • If a muscle is voluntarily contracted, then suprathreshold TMS to the contralateral hemisphere induces a "silent period" in the ongoing electromyographic activity.

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  • Interestingly, the opposite effect is observed following 5Hz suprathreshold (110% of active motor threshold) repetitive TMS of the pre-SMA, in which case the excitability of the primary motor cortex is increased.

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  • Short-interval intracortical inhibition (SICI): subthreshold CS followed by suprathreshold TS at intervals of 1-6ms leads to a suppression of

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  • Short-interval intracortical facilitation (SICF): when a suprathreshold CS is followed by a subthreshold TS, or when both stimuli are roughly equivalent to the motor threshold, at an interval of either 1. 1-1.5ms, 2. 3-2.9ms, or

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