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  • So, just like the revisionist who claims to lead when in fact he is following, I ask: Who wants me to take on Capital in public, and who would rather I let sleeping surplus-value lie?

    A Bland and Deadly Courtesy

  • As in the first-world, it's tough to make a living at writing, but third-world economies have much less surplus-value, so career-choices have a life-or-death quality.


  • The exchange on a moose meat, hide and trophy may appear on the surface to be fair and free – yet the insidious evil workings of surplus-value and alienated labor quickly become apparent.

    Libertarians Still Lusting for Palin? « Blog

  • Labour-intensive goods cede surplus-value to machine-intensive goods via this imbalance in the pricing process.

    E pur si muove

  • Another way of putting Marx's solution is to say that while living labour generates surplus-value, there is a compensation for those companies (capitals) which use more machines to labour than the average because their price/value ratio is larger than one.

    E pur si muove

  • An object-lesson in the production and management of quotidian surplus-value, the discourse of gastronomy, like its pleasures, is constituted by a tendency to excess which, at the same time, it seeks to regulate as an exercise in good taste.

    Economies of Excess in Brillat-Savarin, Balzac, and Baudelaire

  • Therein would reside a possible Lacanian critique of Marx, focusing on the ambiguous overlapping between surplus-value and surplus-enjoyment.

    Gerry Canavan

  • Capitalist production is not merely the production of commodities; it is essentially the production of surplus-value.

    ANC Today

  • That labourer alone is productive, who produces surplus-value for the capitalist, and thus works for the self-expansion of capital ...

    ANC Today

  • The worker spends one part of the day covering the cost of maintaining himself and his family wages, while the other part of the day he works without remuneration, creating for the capitalist surplus-value, the source of profit, the source of the wealth of the capitalist class.

    Archive 2006-08-01


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