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  • Liable to be suspected.


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  • Savings rates are supposedly rock bottom, now we alter the law to make it cheaper for people who are suspectible to get 'getting in over their heads' to increase consumption through borrowing?

    Motives and Consequences, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • A combination of seismic (earthquake like forces) loads from the collapse of the twin towers could have – and seems did – damage several other buildings in the area including 7 which might have had construction flaws or something like rusty connections that were suspectible to seismic forces because of a roof leak.

    Think Progress » Rumsfeld Exploits 9/11 To Defend Failed Iraq Policy

  • There is some evidence to show that smokers are more suspectible to contracting an asbestos-induced cancer if they are exposed to asbestos.

    1983 Asbestos Debate: Step Forward Nick Brown

  • As poverty is generally suspectible, the widow must be got handsomely aforehand; and no doubt but she is.

    Clarissa Harlowe

  • “Slender” people often have a body type suspectible to joint and back injuries.

    ASWOON FURNITURE | Inhabitat

  • Of course, the method employed to carbonize the materials is suspectible of variation, but the scientific principles involved are unchangeable, viz.:

    Scientific American Supplement, No. 601, July 9, 1887

  • When, therefore, those feelings and judgment declare the pleasures derived from the higher faculties to be preferable in kind, apart from the question of intensity, to those of which the animal nature, disjoined from the higher faculties, is suspectible, they are entitled on this subject to the same regard.


  • But at that time being full of tender and affectionate sentiments, and not suspectible of any other, I perceived in his biting sarcasms nothing more than a jest, and believed him only jocose when others would have thought him mad.

    The Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau

  • And older audiences are less suspectible to movie marketing, more likely to listen to their friends and neighbors.

    Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch

  • While youngster who masturbate may be more suspectible to prostate cancer later in life, middle-aged men who masturbate may protect against it

    Free Democracy


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