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  • noun Plural form of swallow.
  • verb Third-person singular simple present indicative form of swallow.


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  • I took several slow swallows from the dead man's canteen.


  • It was in the air – in the faded cretonne of the room, in the grey flashes of the swallows from the eaves of the house, in the leafless boughs etched delicately against the orange light of the sky.

    The Miller of Old Church

  • – The chimney-swallows have come in their usual large numbers, and our summer flock of swallows is now complete.

    Rural Hours

  • The beast intently watched Maharrion hurling up bubbles that are every one a season of spring in unknown constellations, calling the swallows home to unimagined fields, watched him without even turning to look at

    The Book of Wonder

  • Much more numerous than the swallows are the night-hawks.

    Roof and Meadow

  • There are however subterraneous streams of water not exactly produced in this manner, as streams issuing from fissures in the earth, communicating with the craters of old volcanoes; in the Peak of Derbyshire are many hollows, called swallows, where the land floods sink into the earth, and come out at some miles distant, as at Ilam near Ashborne.

    The Botanic Garden A Poem in Two Parts. Part 1: the Economy of Vegetation

  • And what he sang was something like this -- such nonsense to those that couldn't understand it! but not to the baby, who got all the good in the world out of it: -- baby's a-sleeping wake up baby for all the swallows are the merriest fellows and have the yellowest children who would go sleeping and snore like a gaby disturbing his mother and father and brother and all a-boring their ears with his snoring snoring snoring for himself and no other for himself in particular wake up baby sit up perpendicular hark to the gushing hark to the rushing where the sheep are the woolliest and the lambs the unruliest and their tails the whitest and their eyes the brightest and baby's the bonniest and baby's the funniest and baby's the shiniest and baby's the tiniest and baby's the merriest and baby's the worriest of all the lambs that plague their dams and mother's the whitest of all the dams that feed the lambs that go crop-cropping without stop-stopping and father's the best of all the swallows that build their nest out of the shining shallows and he has the merriest children that's baby and Diamond and Diamond and baby and baby and

    At the Back of the North Wind

  • Some social species, such as swallows and long-tailed tits, do this, and huddle closely together, and starlings, social finches, some thrushes and so many others form huge communal roosts.

    Archive 2006-02-01

  • Depending on the desired focal length, the reflector may have the shape of a deep bowl that completely "swallows" the pot (short focal length, pot shielded from the wind) or that of a shallow plate with the cooking pot mounted in the focal point a certain distance above or in front of it.

    2. Solar Cookers and Solar Cooker Projects

  • Below the downs lies Mickleham, halfway between Leatherhead and Dorking, and famous in all the guide-books for the "swallows" of the Mole.

    Highways and Byways in Surrey


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