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  • n. A rucervine deer of India, Rucervus duvaucelli, of a light-yellowish color, about 4 feet high, with long-beamed simply dichotomous antlers, inhabiting swampy places.


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  • The whitetail, in one of its forms, and with the ordinary whitetail custom of displaying the white flag as it runs, is found in the immediate neighborhood of the swamp-deer.

    IV. The Headwaters of the Paraguay

  • Harcourt Butler, whose hospitality is famous, so large and warm is it, and so minute, and it was because he was not satisfied that the ordinary diversions of the "Lucknow Week" were sufficient for his guests, that he impulsively arranged a day's swamp-deer shooting on the borders of

    Roving East and Roving West

  • Our destination was a series of marshes some six miles away, where the gonds -- or swamp-deer -- were usually found, and we were divided up, some elephants, of which mine was one, taking the left wing, with instructions on reaching a certain spot to wait there for the deer who would move off in that direction; others taking the right wing; and others beating up the middle.

    Roving East and Roving West

  • We also saw the swamp-deer, about the size of our blacktail.

    Through the Brazilian Wilderness

  • a day's hunting which I shall describe later I was in at the death of a gond, or swamp-deer, at about noon, and we returned for the carcase about three hours later, only to find it surrounded by some hundreds of these birds tearing at it in a kind of frenzy of gluttony.

    Roving East and Roving West


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