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  • Bent or curved so that it somewhat resembles the S-shape of the curve of a swan's neck.

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  • n. any of several orchids of the genus Cycnoches having slender arching columns of flowers suggesting the neck of a swan


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  • The verified empirically scientific theory is "non-life tends to remain non-life" and this was the case since Pasteur's famous swan-neck flask experiments where he "pasteurized" away the bacteria.

    Another Look

  • Because of the horns, the instrument had a "swan-neck"-like curve in it.

    The kithara

  • Who loves not swan-neck and gazelle-like eyes, iii.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • Each print was framed in the same way, and had a swan-neck light curling out of the wall above it.

    The Art Thief

  • My grandmother was named Edith... evokes Eadytha of the swan-neck.

    Character names in historical fiction

  • He stooped, and blew upon the dusty stone, and as the dust flew away from his breath, a shining bronze swan-neck was revealed.

    Shaman's Crossing

  • The swan-neck cock made a slight creaking noise as it compressed the mainspring, then there was a click as the pawl took the strain and Hagman hinged the backsight up as high as it would go, then lined its notch with the blade-sight dovetailed at the muzzle.

    Sharpe's Havoc

  • Out in the lake a humped back broke surface, glistening grey like wet slate, and a long swan-neck lifted in a shining rain of droplets, casting about.

    The Gates of Noon

  • The glass was covered with a graceful design in moldings, and the pediments were of various shapes, the swan-neck being a favorite.

    Furnishing the Home of Good Taste A Brief Sketch of the Period Styles in Interior Decoration with Suggestions as to Their Employment in the Homes of Today

  • The room was not exactly modern, not quite Colonial and just a little short of French Empire; the furnishings presented straight planes and swan-neck supports, black mirrors and electric hurricane lamps, chromium and tapestry; there was unity in a single attribute: in the expensiveness of everything.

    The Fountainhead


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