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  • n. Any member of the genus Plectorhinchus of fish with large fleshy lips.

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  • n. One who has sweet lips: a term of endearment.
  • n. An epicure; a glutton.
  • n. The ballan wrasse, Labrus maculatus. Also called Servellan wrasse. See cut under Labrus.


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sweet +‎ lips


  • And while my identification skills are at the "purple one with yellow stripes" level, I do also enjoy the evocative names: three-stripe fusilier, diagonal-banded sweetlips, filamented flake, oblong silver biddy and freckled goatfish, not to mention the charming category of odd-shaped bottom dwellers.

    Dive Time

  • Nuhung, who chairs the committee, has become a crack spearfisherman: each day he brings in several sweetlips and other varieties of reef fish.

    Saving The Coral Reefs

  • We saw a few blue spotted rays, turtles, lion fish, yellow box fish, long fin banner fish and quantity of other tropical fish including the rare harlequin sweetlips. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

  • It took hours of staring at pictures, but eventually I learned to spot the differences between grouper fish (grumpy looking) and sweetlips (they pout like Angelina Jolie); urchins and sponge; hard coral and soft coral.

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  • Leu Ming-yih (呂明毅), an associate research fellow at the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium's Fish Reproduction and Larviculture Laboratory, headed the team, which collected three non-adult Oriental sweetlips from the wild for breeding five years ago. News of the Underwater World


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