from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A stick or whisk used in making swizzles and other drinks: in China and Japan usually made of bamboo.


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  • But the piece he came up with — a spiraling swizzle-stick named Astraspire — fell short of expectations.

    Icon of a Fair, a Borough, the World

  • The celery can be used as a Bloody Mary straw or an edible swizzle-stick.

    Boing Boing

  • Steward, bring hither a fatted calf and the swizzle-stick.

    The Long Trick

  • The antelope had vanished as if it had never been, and a few yards from the shore, in the midst of a lather of water that seemed beaten up with a great swizzle-stick, the leopard's head, mouth open, roaring, horrified his eyes for a moment and then was jerked under the surface.

    The Pools of Silence

  • After months of sipping my Internet through the narrow and frequently blocked swizzle-stick of Chinese "broadband" it's always refreshing to turn the VPN off and draw my Internet through the big-bore bubble tea straw of an American or Singaporean ISP.


  • With their snake-like necks and swizzle-stick noses, softshells aren't the cutest critters in the pond.

    FLA Politics - Front Page

  • That's where I encountered things like the "swizzle-stick collectors 'society."

    Interior Design Industry News

  • But “keeping the man” — that’s the place where Helen’s logic faltered, and where (if you read her work for the home truths and not the swizzle-stick suggestions) she had to admit that a single girl was always putting herself in grave emotional jeopardy.

    Sex and the Married Man

  • "` Noo-lade egg, sir, noo milk, lump o 'sugar, and half a glass o' sherry, well lathered up with a swizzle-stick. '

    The Queen's Scarlet The Adventures and Misadventures of Sir Richard Frayne


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