from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The arm with which the sword is wielded; hence, the right arm.
  • n. A parallel-sided arm or element on which fits a slider or block embracing the arm and bearing upon the outside edges: used to invert the construction of a slotted link, where the slider or block is within a slot, and the link embraces the block.


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  • Kellen stepped inside his opponent's swing with ease, felt the man's forearm jar harmlessly against his shoulder, grabbed the sword-arm with his left hand, and brought his own blade down on his foe's undefended shoulder with all his strength.

    Tran Siberian

  • "Think!" he urged Jermayan, holding the struggling Elf's sword-arm in a vise-grip.

    Tran Siberian

  • Bone-cold fingers wrapped around the wrist of his sword-arm.

    Finnegan teoriza la practica de cuerdas

  • And he stood behind his brother's chair and vowed to follow Colum's word and be his legs and his sword-arm in the field.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • As a postscript and since I wield the sword-arm here, mention MUST be made of Grammy winner Irma Thomas stepping up to the plate to help Friends of the Congo in their efforts to help victims of the war in DRC.

    Georgianne Nienaber: New Orleans' Musicians Take Message to DNC and RNC

  • On his burly sword-arm, each intrepid champion wore an “armiger,” or ribbon of his colour.

    The Virginians

  • With my first blow I cut off his sword-arm at the wrist; my second I levelled at his head.


  • She gave him her sword-arm and he pulled, helped her up, himself muddy to the knee.


  • The bird landed on her raised sword-arm and perched there, insolently eying her.

    Pet Peeve

  • One of the aides clung to his sword-arm and hauled him back by main force, while the other, a hulking junkerish brute with scars all over his ugly dial, whipped his glove across my face before dashing it at my feet and stamping off.

    Flashman on the March


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