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  • n. Plural form of syllabary.


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  • The tablets embrace every class of literature, historical documents, hymns, prayers and educational works, such as syllabaries or spelling-books, and dictionaries.

    The American Journal of Archaeology, 1893-1

  • I made a clay tablet with the forty-nine dancers of Lambaneish next to the sixty variants of the godsigns, trying to match the two syllabaries, though Lambaneish had some odd sounds that were like nothing in the High.


  • Standard Latin and Cyrillic letters sat alongside the more cursive alphabets of Arabic and Hindi, Chinese ideograms and Japanese syllabaries, and the almost melodic writing style used on Vulcan.


  • Vanya, I totally agree that the Japanese phonetic syllabaries which are not that difficult to learn make reading Japanese a lot easier and not just because foreign loan words are written in katakana. THE DIFFICULTY OF JAPANESE.

  • The added phonetic syllabaries in Japanses may seem to add complexity, but they actually make Japanese much easier to master. THE DIFFICULTY OF JAPANESE.

  • He despises the uneducated, as he can read and write both the syllabaries.

    Unbeaten Tracks in Japan

  • People told them in all parts of the world long before Egyptian hieroglyphics or Cretan signs or Cyprian syllabaries, or alphabets were invented.

    The Lilac Fairy Book

  • The German savants, mostly attributing them to the Sabá tribes, who immigrated from Yemen about our first century, tried the Himyaritic syllabaries and failed.

    The Land of Midian

  • This brought writing to a new course that, in the course of centuries or even millennia, developed into the cuneiform syllabaries (1 sign = 1 syllable) used by the Babylonians and Assyrians.

    Earliest Egyptian Glyphs

  • According to the Assyrian syllabaries, uru and ur signify "city" (Hebrew ir).

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 8: Infamy-Lapparent


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