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  • n. the division of a word into syllables.

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  • n. Same as syllabication.

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  • n. Same as syllabication.

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  • n. forming or dividing words into syllables


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First attested in 1764; a regular Anglicisation (see -fication) of a hypothetical etymon of the form *syllabificātiō, *syllabificātiōn-, formed regularly on the base of the Latin syllabificō, itself from syllaba ("syllable").


  • The most important were those involving 'syllabification' - the ability of children to produce well-formed syllables with rapid movements of the jaw and tongue.

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  • My late wife, who was Scottish, distinguished the metal from the flattening implement by her syllabification.

    Dictionary of Blunders | Linguism | Language Blog

  • So, it seems to me that while Metathesis occurred in positions after the stress accent to remedy awkward syllabification, a-Epenthesis the left-to-right insertion of *a occurred in positions *before* the stress accent.

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  • * Note: it seems to me that IE phonology had syllabification rules which favored open syllables, i.e. most consonant clusters would be analyzed as onsets rather than sequences of coda(s)-plus-onset(s).

    Back to business: emphatic particles and verbal extensions

  • Madmen are of some nation, and their language, however incoherent in its words, has always the coherence of syllabification.

    The Murders in the Rue Morgue

  • If now, in addition to all these things, you have properly reflected upon the odd disorder of the chamber, we have gone so far as to combine the ideas of an agility astounding, a strength superhuman, a ferocity brutal, a butchery without motive, a grotesquerie in horror absolutely alien from humanity, and a voice foreign in tone to the ears of men of many nations, and devoid of all distinct or intelligible syllabification.

    The Murders in the Rue Morgue

  • Possibly the study might more accurately be called word-study, since it aims also at training for pronunciation, syllabification, vocabulary extension, and etymology.

    What the Schools Teach and Might Teach

  • His attention is called to syllabification as well as to diacritical marks.

    How to Teach Phonics

  • As such they are the carriers of practically all significant differences in stress, pitch, and syllabification.

    Chapter 3. The Sounds of Language

  • This was uttered with such blinding rapidity of syllabification as to be a better test of teetotalism than the Scotch one of saying

    Alarms and Discursions


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