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  • intransitive v. To reason or argue by means of syllogisms.
  • transitive v. To deduce by syllogism.

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  • v. To reason or deduce by means of syllogisms.

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  • intransitive v. To reason by means of syllogisms.

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  • To reason by syllogisms.
  • To reason together or in harmony.
  • To deduce consequences from by syllogism.
  • Also spelled syllogise.

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  • v. reason by syllogisms


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From Middle French sillogiser, ultimately from Ancient Greek συλλογίζεσθαι.


  • However, Aristotle states his results not by saying that certain premise-conclusion combinations are invalid but by saying that certain premise pairs do not "syllogize": that is, that, given the pair in question, examples can be constructed in which premises of that form are true and a conclusion of any of the four possible forms is false.

    Aristotle's Logic

  • Though he generally considers only premise combinations which syllogize in their assertoric forms, he does sometimes extend this; similarly, he sometimes considers conclusions in addition to those which would follow from purely assertoric premises.

    Aristotle's Logic

  • Socrates should be seeking the essence, for he was seeking to syllogize, and ‘what a thing is’ is the starting-point of syllogisms; for there was as yet none of the dialectical power which enables people even without knowledge of the essence to speculate about contraries and inquire whether the same science deals with contraries; for two things may be fairly ascribed to


  • Then, if we are to syllogize, A must be predicated of all B.

    Posterior Analytics

  • To offer arguments in proof is superfluous -- is trifling -- it is to ape the philosopher who attempted to syllogize himself into a conviction of his own existence!

    Sermons on Various Important Subjects

  • But do we not in ordinary life often syllogize in sights and reason in sounds?

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • It is then only that they syllogize unwelcome truths.

    Democracy: Inaugural Address on Assuming the Presidency of the Birmingham and Midland Institute, Birmingham, England, 6 October, 1884

  • You Catholics argue too much -- deduce, syllogize, and explain -- until the simple splendour of Christ's mysterious act is altogether overlaid and hidden.

    Paradoxes of Catholicism

  • The great question of the future will be to syllogize or not to syllogize.

    Buchanan's Journal of Man, September 1887 Volume 1, Number 8

  • The men who attack abuses are not so much to be dreaded by the reigning house of Superstition as those who, as Dante says, syllogize hateful truths.

    Among My Books First Series


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