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  • n. A person who experiences synaesthesia.


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syn- +‎ aesthete


  • This is a fascinating, well imagined (assuming the author is not in fact a synaesthete), well-written story on an intriguing subject.

    A CHIME OF REDS • by C.L. Holland

  • One thing you may be intrigued to know is that I'm unfortunately not a synaesthete!

    Boing Boing: July 31, 2005 - August 6, 2005 Archives

  • Cynthia is a synaesthete who hears colors: When middle C is played, she has the nornal auditory experience, but she also experiences, in her visual field, "a six inch high by one inch wide bar of some determinate shade of red" (p. 269).

    Representational Theories of Consciousness

  • Perry Hall is a born synaesthete who hears color and light, and created an iPhone/iPad app called

    Boing Boing

  • Food for thought (metaphorically speaking, unless you're a synaesthete of course).


  • Anina's kind assistance gave me confidence about my analysis of some fascinating data from a synaesthete who, unlike the other participants, was unable to discriminate novel chromatic stimuli presented for short periods of time (125ms), but able to discriminate between novel chromatic stimuli at longer periods of exposure (500ms).


  • Jason provided guidance and advice on neuroscience related matters to Anina, then Jason's student, gave me helpful feedback during my honours year (2004) when I had difficulty analysing the data from one of my research participants who was a synaesthete.


  • Because as well as being fascinating, it turns out to be common-one in a hundred of us is a synaesthete.

    Latest headlines from BMJ

  • As one synaesthete told me recently, if someone says a word that tastes of roast beef whilst you're eating your strawberries, it can ruin a tasty treat.

    Red Ice Creations

  • The average person recalled about 39 facts; the average synaesthete doubled that

    Red Ice Creations


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