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  • n. The side-by-side association of homologous paternal and maternal chromosomes during the first prophase of meiosis.

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  • n. The association of homologous maternal and paternal chromosomes during the initial part of meiosis.
  • n. Alternative form of synapse.

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  • n. Same as mitapsis.
  • n. The name originally applied by J. E. S. Moore, in 1892, to the contracted state of the nuclear skein occurring previous to the reduction of the chromosomes and to the formation of tetraspores, sperms, or eggs.
  • n. The anatomical connection between the processes or neuraxons of two or more nervecells.

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  • n. the side by side pairing of homologous maternal and paternal chromosomes at the start of meiosis


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

New Latin, from Greek sunapsis, point of contact; see synapse.


  • Anybody with more than two neurons and half a synapsis can understand that in case CRU had any Spanish data bought to the Spanish AEMET, CRU simply couldn't release that data to third parties.

    Cthulhu Explains it All

  • When the back cover has a great overview or synapsis, one that sounds juicy or scarey or eclectic, I am sucked in like the book is a black hole lol ps and good art work helps, but other writer recommendations I always take with a grain of salt

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  • And that synapsis is a listing of when DOJ lawyers do not defend a law.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Fierce advocacy:

  • February 25, 2008 at 9:32 am wow, wut a gud synapsis. dis will sabe me lawts ob hed skritchin wehn i gets a round tuit.

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  • My litning kwik brayn synapsis, let me nawt sho U dem!

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  • Bananas are sterile and seedless because they are odd polyploids in which one set of chromosomes A or B has no homologous set to pair up with during synapsis of meiosis.

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  • Right now, in this very moment a complex circuit board of 3 million neurons and synapsis, fire away.

    wendchymes Diary Entry

  • A primary factor in speciation has been chromosome restructuring as synapsis between structural chromosome heterozygotes invariably leads to some sterility because crossing over in the nonhomologous regions leads to the production of unbalanced, non functional gametes.

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  • My View of the World has audio of this morning's Brookfield press conference as well as a synapsis of Sunday Insight.

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  • Whether the mixture of the chromosomes occurs in every resting stage of the nucleus in the successive generations of the gametocytes, or whether it occurs only in the synapsis stage preceding reduction division, it is not surprising that the colloid substance of the chromosomes should form a more or less complete intermixture, and that the two original chromosomes should not be again separated in the pure condition in which they came into contact.

    Hormones and Heredity


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