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  • n. An automotive gear-shifting system in which the gears are synchronized at the same speeds before engaging to effect a smooth shift.
  • n. A gear in such a system.

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  • n. System of synchronized transmission found in modern gearboxes to make gear changing easier and smoother.
  • n. A device which functions like a synchronized transmission.
  • adj. Having the quality or smoothly exchanging interlocking forces.

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  • n. an automotive system for shifting gears in which the gears revolve at the same speed and so shift smoothly


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  • ITs topological visual synchromesh means silvered glass does not function for IT, but humans can view their own image.

    If IT Were YOU

  • On a parallel track, the language synchromesh was filtering usage for the word'buy '- credits, debits, transaction, merchandise, produce, all flash across ITs neural net, but none seem to correspond syntactically.

    If IT Were YOU

  • Popham's red coupe is a Series 2 E-type that gained engine displacement (4.2 liters), a full-synchromesh four-speed gearbox, a larger grille opening and bumpers but shed a carburetor (twin Strombergs), lost its aluminum dash, glass headlight covers and a few horsepower.

    1970 Jaguar E-Type Coupe:

  • This engine also features a six speed manual transmission to take advantage of its torque potential and features triple cone synchromesh for smoother shifting. i-AWD (intelligent - All Wheel Drive)

    Top Speed

  • The car also introduced Indian drivers to the virtues of electronic ignition and synchromesh, floor shift gears that took out a lot of the pain and the agony of negotiating India's pot-holed roads.

    Automotive Headlines

  • "If I go through the gears quickly it feels like synchromesh but if I let it rev out I'll have to try matching the revs and double clutch to try getting it into gear."

    Star News Group

  • It features an 8F/8R Synchro-shuttle with full synchromesh transmission, dual dry with cerametallic lining clutch, independent PTO and comes standard with hydraulic position and draft controls.

    Automotive Headlines

  • This light-weight, all-synchromesh gearbox is strong enough for Chrysler to have coupled it to their small-block V8 for use in some

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  • Stiliyan Petrov would benefit from synchromesh - crashing through the gears as he does - - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • C-type gearbox has a conventional H pattern change with no synchromesh. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph


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