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  • adj. using an inclusive term for something included, or vice versa; using something spoken of as the whole (hand for laborer) or vice-versa (the court for the judge).

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  • adj. using the name of a part for that of the whole or the whole for the part; or the special for the general or the general for the special; or the material for the thing made of it


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  • I realize I am being figurative -- not metaphoric, but synecdochic -- in saying you can count on meeting a Carrot at BEA2012.

    Peter Ginna: An Insider's Guide to the Characters of BookExpo America

  • Heck, the word "liberal" - itself is, for some of those who stand on the other side of the red/blue divide, a synecdochic stand-in for "tax-and-spend homosexual-loving anti-Americans."

    Say It Like This, Mean It Like That

  • Political discourse, as practiced by Obama, McCain, and practically every other politician plopped in front of a microphone, is riddled with, mired in, crippled by, and sometimes derailed by synecdochic expressions.

    Say It Like This, Mean It Like That

  • Even a seemingly unambiguous word like "taxes" - has acquired synecdochic tendencies.

    Say It Like This, Mean It Like That

  • Obama has managed to co-opt the word "change" - to such a degree that it has become a synecdochic stand-in for "not Bush, not McCain" - and ideas along those lines.

    Say It Like This, Mean It Like That

  • REC's final image has become its phosphor-burned synecdochic signifier like the up-the-nose view of Heather Donahue in THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, an obvious inspiration.

    31 Screams: Manuela Velasco

  • In "The Angry Owner: Samuel Richardson, Modern Authorship and the Ancient Romance," Kathryn Temple situates a similar slippage between eighteenth-century concepts of copyright and such issues as classical appropriation, sea piracy, and the synecdochic theft of the female body.

    Introduction: Juridical Texts and Transgressive Containment

  • The desire to unmask a-- or the -- conspiracy, the desire for a totalizing perspective, is always met by conspiracy's self-defining proposition that it can never fully be known, that the absence of conspiracy is its best evidence, and that the conspiracy always turns out to be just a conspiracy, one counter-plot to a plot's many counter-plots, oscillating proof for either a synecdochic whole or an infinite metonymic chain.

    Wang, Introduction

  • That Starbucks line was obviously a joke, but a synecdochic one (you all know that word, right?), with the coffee chain standing in for a modicum of urbanity, diversity, the meeting of certain basic demographic conditions and so forth.

    Blogposts |

  • Final Fantasy IX, weapons have a mutually supportive and synecdochic relationship to their owners.



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