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  • Same as synergetic.

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  • adjective Of or pertaining to synergy


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  • Space solar power is a more distant prospect, but needs the same reduced costs to orbit as does a space hotel launch industry -- the tourism and energy industries are synergic.

    Dennis Wingo - Why Space? Why Now? - NASA Watch

  • Severing the link between the two bodies 'decisions would "mean two controlling bodies that would talk past each other instead of using their synergic effect," said Julian Bauer of the Eco Terra

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • - The use of a sulphonamide in combination with trimethoprim (e.g. cotrimoxazole) benefits from the synergic effect of the two products.

    Chapter 5

  • As an example, the movement of the closing of the fist may be considered: (1) the prime movers are the Flexores digitorum, Flexor pollicis longus, and the small muscles of the thumb; (2) the synergic muscles are the Extensores carpi, which prevent flexion of the wrist; while (3) the fixation muscles are the Biceps and Triceps brachii, which steady the elbow and shoulder.

    IV. Myology. 1. Mechanics of Muscle

  • One (or more) muscle of the combination is the chief moving force; when this muscle passes over more than one joint other muscles (synergic muscles) come into play to inhibit the movements not required; a third set of muscles (fixation muscles) fix the limb—i. e., in the case of the limb-movements—and also prevent disturbances of the equilibrium of the body generally.

    IV. Myology. 1. Mechanics of Muscle

  • Tics are of cortical origin, being coordinated and synergic, clonic or at times tonic5 muscular movements, physiologically and not anatomically grouped, premeditated, purposive, of abnormal intensity, apparently causeless and inopportune.

    The Journal of Abnormal Psychology

  • Even those whose work is largely muscular, unless it involves most of the muscular system, may do well to exercise the unused muscles -- although Nature herself produces to some extent the necessary compensation by what is known as the "law of synergic movement," by which unused muscles profit by the exercise of those which are used.

    How to Live Rules for Healthful Living Based on Modern Science

  • It was dependent upon a stimulus arousing an excitation in an instinctive automatic nervous mechanism in the medulla oblongata and spinal cord presiding over synergic groups of muscles habitually brought into action for this simplest form of vocalisation, connected with the primitive emotion of anger.

    The Brain and the Voice in Speech and Song

  • But the forces which tend to contract the chest and drive the air out of the lungs would be ineffective if there were not simultaneously the power of closing the sound-pipe; this we shall see is accomplished by the synergic action of the muscles which make tense and approximate the vocal cords.

    The Brain and the Voice in Speech and Song

  • As at present we incline toward scattered localization, functional rather than properly anatomical, and as we often understand by "center" the synergic action of several centers differently grouped according to the individual case, our question becomes equivalent to: "Are there certain portions of the brain having an exclusive or preponderating part in the working of the creative imagination?"

    Essai sur l'imagination créatrice. English


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