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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of systematize.


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  • In the west, music systematizes harmony, melody and rhythm into what we recognize as our classical and popular music.

    Michal Shapiro: Sweet Dissonance and Buddhist Chant: Be-Being (VIDEO)

  • The capitalist imperative to keep growing by continually generating profits is structural - i.e. capitalism systematizes human greed and makes it necessary for economic survival.

    The End of Capitalism? Not quite, but nearly....

  • To be sure, a case can be made for a similar continuity between central questions in philosophy, having to do with human action and practical rationality, and the way technology approaches and systematizes the solution of practical problems.

    Philosophy of Technology

  • Logic, in this framework, seeks and systematizes certain patterns in the linguistic recordings of our activities of mathematical construction.

    The Development of Intuitionistic Logic

  • But there is an element of leisure embedded in the values of fine art, and critics have argued that taste also ensconces and systematizes class divisions (Shusterman 1993; Mattick 1993).

    Feminist Aesthetics

  • According to the view that intuitions don't have much evidentiary force, while Gettier examples provide some reason to reject the view that justified true belief (JTB) is knowledge, perhaps, all things considered, we should accept the JTB account because it is simpler and systematizes many of our intuitions about knowledge

    A Priori Justification and Knowledge

  • It selects and systematizes only a subset of the infinite number of facts about its subject.

    Legal Positivism

  • The first and most important is that it captures and systematizes distinctions we regularly make and that we have good reason to continue to make.

    Legal Positivism

  • If no account of the virtue of justice can be given that is consistent with the principles of a utilitarian philosophy, no account that systematizes our reflective beliefs about what is just and unjust, then the utilitarian philosophy must be rejected: that was his argument, and it presupposes an underlying consistency as a requirement of rational opinion in ethics.

    A Special Supplement: A New Philosophy of the Just Society

  • This book so condenses and systematizes general military instruction and the work done at Plattsburg so that it may be easily utilized in training other troops.

    Military Instructors Manual


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