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  • v. Present participle of systematize.


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  • In spite of the great permanent improvements and of the immense amount of energy consumed in systematizing the competitive chaos of society, production doubled and tripled upon itself.


  • They gave convincing evidence for the great importance of the shell model in systematizing this material and predicting new phenomena concerning the ground state and the low excited states of the nuclei.

    Nobel Prize in Physics 1963 - Presentation Speech

  • After years of descending upon the village like a storm, raping the women, killing those men who resist, and bearing away stored-up food supplies, the bandits hit on the idea of systematizing their visits, calling on the village just once a year to exact or extort tribute (tax).

    Diary of a Bad Year

  • What I have used, in spades, is the modeling and 'systematizing' skills I learned from studying physics.

    Show Me the Way, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Yet the current configuration of the workplace fits Mr. Baron-Cohen's theory: Women dominate in empathy-centered fields such as early childhood education, social work and psychology, while men are over-represented in the "systematizing" vocations such as car repair, oil drilling and electrical engineering.

    Academic Inquisitors

  • Here he advances his theory that autism might be caused by assortative marriage between nerdy men and nerdy women who both have "systematizing" minds, as opposed to the typical "empathizing" feminine mind which is interested in understanding individual relationships rather than general rules.

    Ali G's cousin on Autism and Sex Differences

  • "systematizing" human thought and conduct under the direction of feeling.

    Auguste Comte and Positivism

  • We at MIT have engaged in this process of systematizing the lessons from entrepreneurs around the world especially from those engaged in the sorts of science and technology-based entrepreneurship that can lead to high growth and job creation in sectors as diverse as biotechnology and clean energy.

    William Aulet: 10 Steps To Improve Entrepreneurship Education

  • The second is during reading period, after you've gone to the effort of systematizing, synthesizing, and outlining, itself an educational process, but want to be sure you haven't left anything important out. A Note for my 1L Torts Class

  • By 1950, some 3,015 missionaries were called to 46 missions world-wide and the church began systematizing missionary work, emphasizing the duty of all young Mormon men to serve and establishing policies such as a formal business-attire dress code.

    From American Idol to Mormon Missionary


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