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  • I believe comparative sequencing will lead to the ability to sythesis the theoretical archetypal form the Intelligent Designer had in mind.

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  • He also argues that Dante's embryological theories, outlined by Statius in Purg. 25 is a (poetic) sythesis of competing theoretical positions on the formation of the soul, form plurality of forms (Bonaventure, Bacon et al.) to unicity (Albert, Thomas, et al.)

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  • Emergence Christianity sees itself as the sythesis now being birthed with this purer form of progressive Christianity being cobbled together e.g. by Harvey Cox and progressive/process theologian Dr. Theology After Google heresy-fest.

    Apprising Ministries

  • Termination - Reading of the final mRNA codon (aka the STOP codon), which ends the sythesis of the peptide chain and releases it. - Articles related to Plants give up some deep secrets of drought resistance

  • A full range of fee-for-service chemistry technologies, including medicinal chemistry and custom organic sythesis, are performed by experts at the Albany Molecular Research Singapore,

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  • C is necessary for collagen sythesis, and collagen is the building block of the matrix of the bones.

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  • It contains the genetic material (DNA), and ribosomes which take part in protein sythesis.

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  • "W." is set to hit theaters across the nation, as a cinematographic sythesis of George W. Bush's two terms as president. president and maybe helping them find cogent proof for themselves that who they intend to elect the following month really deserves their support.

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  • Like the the Dunde ice cap, since the study site of Gou et al is also located in the boundary of the map above, why don’t your make a sythesis of all proxies in this region?

    The Three-Core Chronology « Climate Audit

  • President Bush’s Climate Change Science Program (CCSP) is in the process of completing the sythesis and assessment report on climate change and extreme weather events (including hurricanes). the lead agency organizing this assessment is NOAA (ugh), but the NRC is coordinating the peer review.

    Bill Gray and the Atlantic Meridional Mode « Climate Audit


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