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  • There are great four-masted barques and full-rigged ships lying at the wharfs and outside -- double t'gallant yarders, my boy; I yelled at them by way of greeting down across the tree-tops.

    With Rimington

  • The t'gallant yards were sent up, then the royals sheeted home, and by dint of great effort and plenty of bawling we got the canvas on her fore and aft and trimmed the yards so as to make each one look as if at odds with its fellows, but yet enough to make a fair wind of the gentle southerly breeze.

    Mr. Trunnell, Mate of the Ship "Pirate"

  • Trunnell was a careful mate, so the ship was down to her upper topsails on the fore and mizzen and a main t'gallant on mainmast, the courses fore and after being clewed up and left hanging.

    Mr. Trunnell, Mate of the Ship "Pirate"

  • That was, with the lower yards sharp on the back-stays, the topsails a little further aft, the t'gallant a little further still, until the main-skysail was almost touching with its weather leach cutting into the breeze a point or more forward of the weather beam.

    Mr. Trunnell, Mate of the Ship "Pirate"

  • I heard the hail of Trunnell from the bridge during this pause, asking about a t'gallant leach-line.

    Mr. Trunnell, Mate of the Ship "Pirate"

  • As I turned, looking up at the beautiful fabric with her long, tapering, t'gallant masts, topped with skysail yards fore and aft, and her tremendous lower yards nearly ninety feet across, I thought what a splendid ship she was.

    Mr. Trunnell, Mate of the Ship "Pirate"

  • Lord, young sir, I heaved and I strained at that crushed leg o 'mine; but there I was, fast as ever, while down came the t'gallant -- inch by inch.

    The Amateur Gentleman

  • "Mizzen t'gallant clewlines and buntlines," and led the way up on to the poop.

    The Ghost Pirates: Chapter 10

  • I found out, afterwards, that as soon as the Second Mate had seen them off the deck, he went up to the mizzen t'gallant, along with the four 'prentices.

    The Ghost Pirates: Chapter 10

  • We got it hauled up, and then went forrard to the fore t'gallant.

    The Ghost Pirates: Chapter 10


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