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  • n. A groove or slot cast or planed in the upper surface of a table, or plate, with an undercut below the plane of the table, or plate, which gives to the slot a section resembling in end view an inverted block-letter capital T.


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  • There's no way the plastic toy tripod it came with is up to the task, so I'm checking out some t-slot aluminum instead.

    MAKE Magazine

  • The t-slot channel secures the miter gauge is just what the job-boss ordered for wide cross-cuts. Gold Box Deals

  • Of course, the Incra brand t-slot track has a wider slot than the Rockler brand, so the old sliding mitre bar (that bears a pin for the workpiece to rotate on) was no longer any good.

    dispatches from TJICistan

  • Incra sells a t-slot with "wings", which allowed me to capture the wings between the two layers of plywood, thus giving a lot more structural stability to the jig.

    dispatches from TJICistan

  • So, in addition to fixing replacing the Rockler brand t-slot slot with an Incra brand t-slot, I also removed a bit of the stop, so that the jig doesn't interfere with the bandsaw's locking pin, and also adjusted the location of the t-slot track so that, when the jig is truly pushed all the way into the bandsaw, the mitre slot is aimed right at the bandsaw's blade (which is how it wants to be if you're going to be rotating the workpiece and want the leading edge of the bandsaw blade to be hitting the wood at 90 ° to the radius line).

    dispatches from TJICistan

  • I brainstormed with friend Sam Ewen and soon started cutting aluminum t-slot. "



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