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  • n. In the Roman catacombs, a rectangular recess in a gallery, parallel with the passageway, containing a burial-chest of stone or masonry with a flat cover.


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  • He turned aside towards the right-hand wall, his crutches ringing hollowly, and Cadfael, following, found him standing beside a stone table-tomb fitted between the pillars.

    The Confession of Brother Haluin

  • A species of tomb similar in all respects but one to the arcosolium is the so-called sepulchrum a mensâ, or table-tomb; in this a rectangular niche takes the place of the arch.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 1: Aachen-Assize

  • All the concession he was willing to make to old age and bad weather was to sleep under the fallen table-tomb.

    Greyfriars Bobby

  • He had learned that when the earliest comer clicked the wicket he must go under the table-tomb and console himself with the extra bone that Mr. Traill never failed to remember.

    Greyfriars Bobby

  • After a time he sat up on the table-tomb, pensively.

    Greyfriars Bobby

  • There's nae stave to it, but it's neist to the fa'en table-tomb o 'Mistress Jean Grant.

    Greyfriars Bobby

  • There he kept hidden Mistress Jeanie's milking stool for a seat; and a table-tomb served as well, for the laddie to do his sums upon, as it had for the tearful signing of the Covenant more than two hundred years before.

    Greyfriars Bobby

  • After nightfall, when the caretaker had made his rounds, he came out from under the fallen table-tomb of Mistress Jean Grant.

    Greyfriars Bobby

  • Then there was the story of Bobby's devotion to Auld Jock's memory to be told -- the days when he faced starvation rather than desert that grave, the days when he lay cramped under the fallen table-tomb, and his repeated, dramatic escapes from the Pentland farm.

    Greyfriars Bobby

  • Bobby's memorial fountain, swathed in canvas against the winter, and waiting -- waiting for the spring, when the waters of the earth should be unsealed again; waiting until finis could be written to a story on a bronze table-tomb; waiting for the effigy of a shaggy Skye terrier to be cast and set up; waiting --

    Greyfriars Bobby


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