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  • n. One that tabulates.
  • n. A machine that reads, sorts, and prints out information from punched cards.
  • n. A mechanism on a typewriter for setting automatic stops or margins for columns.
  • n. Computer Science A device for reading data from punched cards and producing printed lists or totals of the result.

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  • n. A person who counts or tabulates things.
  • n. The mechanism on a typewriter that sets the position of columns and borders.
  • n. An early data processing machine that produces printed lists and totals from data on punched cards.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. An attachment to a typewriter for so controlling the feed-motion of the carriage that it will stop automatically at certain prearranged positions or points in its traverse, the object being to enable the operator to arrange the print in vertical lines, as in drawing up a tabulated statement of accounts.
  • n. One who tabulates; a maker of statistical or similar tables.

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  • n. a calculator that keeps a record of the number of times something happens


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  • To be clear: Computerized vote-counting, whether on optical scan or on DREs, with paper ballots or without, is heavily reliant on the computerized compilation done by the central tabulator, which is under direct control of the election administrator and those he selects as IT administrators.

    BlackBox Blog-O-Lection May 15, 2009

  • Then our tabulator is a part and parcel of the instrument, costing you nothing more than the original price of the machine, which is one hundred dollars -- without discount. "

    The Shuttle

  • That's the shocking admission heard today from Justin Bales, Premier's Western Region manager, at a State of California public hearing on the possible decertification of Diebold/Premier's tabulator system, GEMS v. 1.18.19.

    Boing Boing

  • The State requested several deadline extensions and eventually refused to release the "central tabulator data file" taken from the Diebold-supplied computer used to run the "GEMS" (Global Election Management Software) application.

    Stolen Election from Alaska?

  • Moreover, Diebold was forced to admit in August that their GEMS central tabulator system, used with both DRE and paper-based optical-systems in 34 states this year, routinely drops thousands of votes without notifying system administrators.

    Brad Friedman: Vote-Flipping Diebold Machine Removed, Quarantined in CO

  • Upon review, it was determined that there was a truncation error in the final printout sent to the tabulator.

    Yahoo Proxy Tally Underreported Votes Against Some Directors - Bits Blog -

  • In other words, unless Alaska is using a more updated version of the Diebold software, it's relatively simple to modify results in the central tabulator and delete virtually all evidence that one has done so.

    Brad Friedman: Why Joe Miller Should Call for a Transparent 'Hand Count' of All Ballots Cast in Alaska

  • Both City Registrars of Voters Republican Joseph Borges & Democrat Santa Sandi Ayala have been in the election fire hole: both explained the problems began when she ordered the ballots by precinct and received them from the printer separated by State Senate district, example: 1 District had 6 precincts and two State Senate seats, they were not aware of the problems until they began to test the tabulator machines.

    Mary Ann West: Did Your Vote Count?

  • For optical scan tabulators, the recount officials shall rerun all the ballots through a tabulator programmed to count only the votes for the office or issue in question in the recount and to set aside all ballots containing write-in votes, overvotes, and undervotes.

    Tim Hugo's Future Chaos

  • The ballots that are set aside, any ballots not accepted by the tabulator, and any ballots for which a tabulator could not be programmed to meet the programming requirements of this subdivision, shall be hand counted using the standards promulgated by the State Board pursuant to subsection A.

    Tim Hugo's Future Chaos


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